Board of Directors and Staff

Judy Chavez

Executive Director

With a background in Humanities focusing on social services, Judy Chavez graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with her Bachelor of Arts, earning high honors. She began her career in non-profit following her graduation, and has worked in both direct services and program administration. Her specialties include program development and management, employee and volunteer training, and public outreach.

Judy began volunteering for the Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children's Fund in 2011 and became the Executive Director in 2012. Her work with the Fund has been focused on growing their programming to serve more children and to meet the unmet needs of patients receiving treatment at Shriner's Hospital for Children Galveston. She also has worked to diversify fundraising resources and develop and retain volunteers.

In her spare time, Judy enjoys baking and reading. She was born and raised in Houston.



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