Fire Fighters Help

With the start of the new school year is great excitement for new teachers, new friends, and new beginnings. For one very special third-grader, however, the start of this school year was even more momentous. This spring, Abraham was severely burned over more than half of his body when his home was consumed with fire. After spending months in intensive care and undergoing extensive rehabilitation, Abraham was ready to rejoin his classmates. Naturally, though, there were fears.  Abraham's injuries were serious, and left him with scars on his face, arms, hands, torso, and even some of his legs. He had lost fingers, and wears special garments on his body and face to help heal his scars. So, when dedicated school nurse from Canaan Elementary reached out to us for help, The Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children's Fund knew we had to help. On the first day of school, one of our volunteers and Houston Fire Fighter, Obed Ceballos, was ready to greet Abraham, his parents, and classmates. Obed first visited with Abraham's classmates and teachers to answer any questions they might have about their friend, Abraham. By allowing students an opportunity to ask Obed their questions, children could have answers for their natural curiosity, while learning about how they could be a good friend to Abraham. Obed then visited with Abraham and his parents over lunch, offering his support and listening ear. By all accounts, Abraham's first day back to school was a huge success! 
The mission of The Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children's Fund is to provide support and education to children who have been affected by burn injuries. Whether it is helping children in their initial recovery, or supporting them as they return to the community, The Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children's Fund is dedicated to supporting children like Abraham live their best lives. As fire fighters, our volunteers have an unrivaled ability to connect with pediatric burn survivors and unique capacity as advocates and role models. 
Abraham has all of our best wishes as he continues his journey through school this year - we are proud of you! 




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