2016 Calendar Premier Raises Record Amount

This year’s two-day Houston Fire Fighters Calendar Premier was a tremendous success. As a result of many good neighbors supporting us, our charity raised a record $20,000.00. We want to recognize all those who helped us raise this record amount here.


Big Texas Dance Hall -


A BIG THANK YOU to Chris Chelli and the entire staff of Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon for hosting our two-day premier. We appreciate their hard work at providing an enjoyable and safe environment for our firemen and fans. It is also well worth noting that Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon not only provided the venues for our premier, they also contributed $4,500.00 to our charity. We tip our hat to Chris Chelli and the entire team at this fine establishment.




hfdcalendar RT @WhiskeyRiverHou: Come get your calendar signed by the Houston Fire Fighters! @hfdcalendar Show starts in one hour!!
hfdcalendar The show starts in just 2 hours! Where are you??
hfdcalendar RT @WhiskeyRiverHou: Joseph and Casey are ready for tonight's calendar show! Just waitin on y'all! @hfdcalendar