Family Focus: Camryn's Recovery Continues

Camryn A. was featured in our 2014 calendar. Her mother, Pamela, wrote a poignant letter to Houston firefighters which was included in the calendar. Here’s an update on Camryn and her family:

In February 2013, Camryn suffered second- and third-degree burns in a cooking accident at her family’s Houston home. The stovetop grease fire flashed and burned her legs and feet. Rushed to the hospital by her grandfather, Camryn underwent skin grafts and recovered during four weeks of hospitalization.

The Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children’s Fund provided compression garments for Camryn to reduce scarring and quicken her healing in a year she was homeschooled and cared for medically

Without the help from the Fire Fighters Fund, Camryn’s recovery may not have gone as well,” Pamela said. “At the time Camryn was injured, her father and I were not able to afford such expensive care. The Fund stepped in with no hesitation and provided the compression garments that were requested by her physician.”

Now 14, Camryn is “back to her teenage self,” her mother said, “active in church and getting ready for high school.” Because of her medical experiences, Camryn is exploring the possibility of a career in pediatric medicine.

Pamela adds, “We cannot say enough about people at the Fund and what they have meant to us. We will never forget the love and care shown to us. We are so grateful to God, the hospitals, and the Fire Fighter’s Fund. I encourage everyone to give toward this worthy organization – and give others a boost as they heal from their injuries.”




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